NACRJ Conference scholarships available; apply by May 15
National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice

NACRJ Conference scholarships are available for a small number of formerly incarcerated people advancing restorative justice work in communities.   They encourage applications from young adults and youth (under age 29) who are survivors of juvenile or adult incarceration.

The National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice takes place June 16-18th in Oakland, California.  This year it will promote radical inclusivity and healing by and for historically marginalized people.  We are incredibly excited to learn that over 700 people have already registered!  Keynote speakers include Angela Davis, Ericka Huggins, Jerry Tello and Gail Christopher.

HOW TO APPLY: Please complete the Scholarship Application for Formerly Incarcerated People or share it with someone who meets the above criteria.  Only 1 week remains to apply.  To receive consideration, applications must be sent to by May 15, 2017.

REGISTRATION: Even if you aren’t eligible for a scholarship, I hope you will consider registering to attend June 16-18th.  Trainings and networks developed at this conference will build the foundation for a new paradigm of justice.  Please join us!

Funding for scholarships is provided by private philanthropic and conference sponsors.  If you have questions about the conference itself, please c

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