The annual cost of the “war on drugs” exceeds $51 trillion. In 2010, 1.6 million people were arrested on nonviolent drug charges. In the same year, 507,000 people in prisons and jails had been incarcerated for drug offenses – a more than 10-fold increase over the 41,000 people incarcerated for drug offenses in 1980.

Recent news on Drug Policy Reform | The Justice Roundtable

Apr 13, 2021

Biden Poised to Break a Promise on Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
Real Clear Politics
Apr 12, 2021

Biden Backs Extending Regulation of Fentanyl ‘Look-Alikes’
Justice Roundtable
Apr 8, 2021

Class Wide Scheduling of Fentanyl Analogues Opposition Letter to Attorney General Garland

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