Department of Justice statistics reveal that on the nation’s highways, Blacks and Latinos are three times as likely as Whites to be subject to a search. During interactions with the police, Blacks are twice as likely to be arrested as Whites, and almost four times as likely to experience the threat of use of force. The misuse of power by law enforcement officers and prosecutors sometimes results in racial profiling by the police, as well as the abuse of prosecutorial discretion.

Take Action: Tell DOJ to Require Mandatory Reporting by Police

Recent news on Law Enforcement Reform

The New York Times
May 15, 2018

Mayor de Blasio and Some Prosecutors Move to Curb Marijuana Arrests
The Washington Post
May 5, 2018

Fatal police shootings of unarmed people have significantly declined, experts say
USA Today
Apr 11, 2018

‘Silence can be deadly’: 46 officers were fatally shot last year. More than triple that — 140 — committed suicide.

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