Sentencing Reform

Today, almost one in 100 people are incarcerated in the United States. America’s prison population, which has increased by five hundred percent over the past thirty years, is the largest in the world. For over a quarter of a century mandatory minimum sentences have resulted in harsh punishments which often do not fit the crime, have racially discriminatory outcomes, increase overcrowding and exacerbate prison costs.


Recent news on Sentencing Reform

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Oct 17, 2017

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Oct 14, 2017

EXCLUSIVE-Trump administration reduces support for prisoner halfway houses
Press Release
Sen. Chuck Grassley's Office
Oct 4, 2017

Senators Introduce Bipartisan Comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform Package

Resources on Sentencing Reform

 American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Harvard Law & Policy Review
Sep 12, 2017
Frontline, The New York Times
Jul 18, 2017

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