State Issues News
National Public Radio
Jun 24, 2020

Facial Recognition Leads To False Arrest Of Black Man In Detroit
Black Entertainment Television
Jun 15, 2020

What Defunding Police Departments Really Means For Black Communities
The New York Times
Jun 7, 2020

Live Updates on George Floyd Protests: Majority of Minneapolis City Council Pledges to Dismantle Police Department
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)
May 4, 2020

Norton Encourages Federal Bureau of Prisons to Release as Many D.C. Code Felons as Practicable
The Marshall Project
Apr 23, 2020

New York Rolled Back Bail Reform. What Will Other States Do?
Press Release
The United States Senate
Apr 8, 2020

Feinstein, Booker Introduce Bill to Help State, Local Prisons Test, Treat COVID-19 – Press Releases – United States Senator for California
Releasing Aging People in Prison
Apr 2, 2020

RAPP Public Health Letter-150 Public Health Professionals Urge Gov. Cuomo to Release Elders, Others Vulnerable to COVID-19
Apr 1, 2020

Cuomo’s Bail Reform Reversal Risks Explosive Coronavirus Spread in Jails
The New York Times
Mar 30, 2020

Andrew Cuomo, Stop a Coronavirus Disaster: Release People From Prison
The Washington Post
Mar 26, 2020

Larry Hogan Can Lead by Addressing Covid-19 in Prisons and Jails

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