Video: Justice Roundtable March 31, 2016 Conversations on Justice – Clemency
Justice Roundtable
Jun 5, 2016

On March 31, 2016, the Justice Roundtable hosted a two-part clemency event as part of its Conversations on Justice series. The first segment, featured guest speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author Shaka Senghor, introduced by #Cut50 Founder and CNN political commentator Van Jones.  The second segment featured 19 clemency recipients from the Obama, Clinton, Bush and Ford eras as well as family members of those seeking clemency.  This event was the day after 7 of the commutation recipients dined with President Obama, and was hours before the White House’s “Life After Clemency” event.  Hear the riveting and heartrending stories of those who spent lengthy years behind bars and their appeal that many more be granted clemency as well.

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