Video: Facebook Live Video Shows Black Man Dying After Police Shoot Him During Traffic Stop
Mother Jones
Jul 7, 2016

“Philando Castile, age 32, was shot by police during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, MN, late Wednesday night, a fatal encounter whose gut-wrenching aftermath was broadcast on Facebook Live by the man’s girlfriend.

“An officer stopped Diamond Reynolds and Castile for driving with a broken taillight, Reynolds says in the video. The officer asked Castile for identification, at which point, according to her video account, he told the officer that he had a gun and a license to carry it, and that he was going to reach for his ID. Reynolds says the officer then told Castile not to move, and as Castile raised his hands back in the air, she says, the officer shot him four or five times in the arm. ‘He just shot his arm off,’ she says, horrified.”

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