U.S. Sentencing Commission Adopts ‘Crime of Violence’ Amendment and Proposes Additional Amendments to Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Jan 8, 2016

At today’s public meeting, the U.S. Sentencing Commission unanimously voted to adopt an amendment relating to the definition of “crime of violence” in the Career Offender and other federal sentencing guidelines. This amendment was the result of a multi-year study prompted by concerns and problems relating to the definition of “crime of violence.” The amendment, which eliminates the so-called “residual clause,” was informed by the recent Supreme Court case, Johnson v. United States, issued in June 2015.

In addition, the Commission proposed an amendment on immigration offenses which would recalibrate the guidelines to ensure more proportional sentences that reflect the totality of the circumstances in a particular case. The Commission also proposed amendments that would allow for higher penalties for animal fighting offenses. An update to the Commission’s policy statement pertaining to compassionate release was also proposed.

The Commission is seeking public comment on these proposed amendments through March 21, 2016. You may submit comment by e-mailing public_comment@ussc.gov

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