Trump’s Budget Request: A devastating assault on ordinary Americans
May 23, 2017

The budget request released today by President Trump for fiscal year 2018 proposes to make cruel and devastating cuts to programs that support children, families, and individuals of modest means, slash investments in America’s future, and destabilize state and local budgets–which would in turn precipitate a next round of deep cuts to basic services.

CLASP is actively responding to Trump’s proposal. Our executive director, Olivia Golden, was quoted in the New York Times today stating that “This is overall an assault on a wide range of ordinary Americans for the purpose of providing tax cuts to the wealthiest.” In addition, we released a comprehensive statement detailing the many ways in which the budget proposal would damage poor and low-income children, families, and individuals. We have also analyzed how the president’s budget would cut investments in child care and early education.

Look for more analysis from CLASP over the coming weeks as we take deeper looks at specific programs being targeted.

Finally, we will be responding tomorrow when the independent Congressional Budget Office issues its “score” of how the American Health Care Act would affect health coverage of millions.


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