Dec 12, 2017

This reentry guidebook is specifically for people on the registry and the people that love and support them as they navigate the ins and outs of registration and reentry. There is a discussion about the varying pieces of federal legislation requiring registration for sex offenses. One section details constitutional protections, while another section outlines what to expect from registration. Community supervision and how to successfully complete it is covered later on, as is the reentry process and sex offender treatment. This guide explains a registrant’s rights to sexual expression and what to do if they feel their rights are being violated. There is an additional section specifically for women and juveniles on the registry. This guide also helps your loved ones understand what to expect from loving and supporting someone on the registry. In short, it helps registrants, and those they love, understand their rights as someone on the registry.

This guidebook, written by a registrant, seeks to alleviate the difficulties of registering or supporting and loving someone who must register. On Thursday, December 14th at 12PM EST we are releasing this guidebook to the public and we need your assistance to spread the word. We, at SLAP Center, are asking you because you have shown a willingness to provide help to those who are often excluded from the reform conversations. With your help, we can reach more people and provide a glimmer of hope that, even in these times, it will get better. Below you will find some helpful tidbits of information.

Attached to this email is a PDF of the Registering with Dignity guidebook for your review, so please take a moment to browse it. You’ll find this reentry book will help more than just registrants through reentry. If you find it helpful, here is a link to the website where your followers and clients can download the guidebook. The link will go live on Thursday. In the back of the book is a survey to help us improve this guide for you.

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