Nowhere to Go: Homelessness among formerly incarcerated people
Prison Policy Initiative
Aug 14, 2018

New report breaks down the housing crisis among formerly incarcerated people.  Nowhere to Go provides the first national snapshot of homelessness among formerly incarcerated people.

The report explains how people returning from prison – who need stable homes to overcome the difficulties of reentry – are nevertheless excluded from housing:

  • Over 2% of formerly incarcerated people are homeless, and nearly twice as many are living in precarious housing situations close to homelessness;
  • The risk of homelessness increases the more times one has been to prison – an irony considering that police departments regularly arrest and jail the homeless;
  • People recently released from prison are most at risk of being homeless, with rates nearly 12 times higher than the general public;
  • Women – and Black women in particular – are especially at risk.

Read full report.

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