NFL Players and Commissioners letter of support for Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act
NFL Players and Commissioners
Oct 16, 2017

“Football and community are the twin pillars of the NFL. Whether nationally at the league level, locally at the team level, or individually through the volunteerism and philanthropy of owners, players, coaches and club personnel, there exists a powerful NFL-wide commitment to giving back. This commitment is year-round; there is no offseason to the NFL’s multi-tiered, ongoing work to strengthen America’s communities.

“When the hometowns of our players or the 32 communities in which our clubs are located are hurting – whether from natural disasters or those that are man-made – so too are our teams. And like most Americans, our owners, players, coaches and clubs spring into action to help. Over the last two seasons, one particular issue that has come to the forefront for our players and our teams is the issue of justice for all.”

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