Ferguson’s Fault Lines: The Race Quake That Rocked A Nation Published by the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law
May 16, 2016

In almost every highly publicized case of police using deadly force and killing unarmed individuals, the person killed was an African American male. These incidents have caused dramatic erosion in public confidence in the justice system and America’s promise of equal treatment under the law. Minority communities need assurance that our justice system is fair and balanced and is for the protection of everyone. Solutions must be developed to sustain confidence in our judicial system.

The issues covered in Dr. Kimberly J. Norwood’s book,”Ferguson’s Fault Lines,” include:

  • The history of racial violence against black bodies: from slavery to Ferguson
  • Stereotypes, racial bias, masculinity and the implications on policing
  • Lessons learned from grand jury proceedings
  • For-profit policing and efforts to transform the system
  • The politics of housing segregation in Greater St. Louis
  • Exploration of 60 years of unequal education (from Brown to Brown)
  • Employment statistics and the criminalization of black lives
  • Disparities in mental and physical health, employment and opportunity
  • Media framing of the narratives presented to the public: black versus white
  • Ferguson and the First Amendment
  • Body cameras and policing in the 21st Century

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