Letter to Senate Leaders in Support of S. 2123 – Signed by 67 Former Federal Law Enforcement Leaders
Justice Roundtable
Jan 19, 2016

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic Leader Harry Reid, signed by 67 former federal prosecutors and senior government officials who have served on the front lines of our criminal justice system. The 67 signers include one former Attorney General, three former Deputy Attorneys General, two former Directors of the FBI, 40 former United States Attorneys, more than a dozen former federal judges, and several others who endorse S. 2123, the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015, and urge Congress to pass this legislation because it is good for federal law enforcement and public safety.

As the letter states, they write in response to a recent letter—dated December 10, 2015 (and also attached for reference)—that was addressed to the Senate leaders and signed by 40 other former federal law enforcement officials expressing concerns with S. 2123.

As Majority Leader McConnell and Democratic Leader Reid consider bringing this bill to the Senate floor in the coming weeks, the 67 signers of this response letter feel the need to contribute to a thoughtful analysis of key provisions the December 10 letter neglected to mention, which are vital to the Leaders’ deliberation. Their purpose is to focus the discussion on the substance of the bill’s proposed improvements to federal sentencing and corrections policies. Otherwise, good policy reforms could easily fall victim to politics and fear.

Sentencing Dear Colleague Letter 

Letter to Sen Leaders re: S2123 Jan19, 2016

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