Join The Sentencing Project in restoring voting rights to all people
The Sentencing Project
Oct 29, 2020


The collective challenges and trauma endured in 2020 make clear the importance of raising our voice in this election to advance the policies that make this world a better place. Sadly, The Sentencing Project’s latest report finds that 5.2 million Americans — 1 of every 44 adults — will be barred from voting in the 2020 election because of a felony conviction.

Some voices long silenced, however, are reconnecting to our democracy. A new video by The Sentencing Project introduces you to 3 people who recently regained their voting rights and are eager to participate in the upcoming election, and one who still remains disenfranchised.

Communities across the nation are acting now to end laws that restrict voting due to a criminal conviction. Please support this movement by sharing the video and signing this petition to restore voting rights to all people.

Sign petition to support voting rights for all!


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