InCorrect Care: A Prison Profiteer Turns Care into Confinement
Grassroots Leadership
Feb 1, 2016

incorrect_care_cover-200As a follow up to the inaugural report, The Treatment Industrial Complex: How For-Profit Prison Corporations are Undermining Efforts to Treat and Rehabilitate Prisoners for Corporate Gain, Grassroots Leadership has released a new report diving deeper into the Treatment Industrial Complex. InCorrect Care: A Prison Profiteer Turns Care into Confinement calls attention to prison profiteers’ calculated move into the operation of “treatment” facilities. With the potential for lifetime confinement, forensic psychiatric hospitals and civil commitment centers create the opportunity for long term, guaranteed profits for private companies.

The report found that Correct Care Solutions, formerly called GEO Care and a subsidiary of the GEO Group, has made a calculated move into Florida and Texas, employing the same strategies as private prison profiteers to secure contracts, including employing well-paid lobbyists, signing contracts that ensure full facilities, and cutting corners to generate huge profits. Although they have attempted to rebrand themselves, InCorrect Care maintains the link between Correct Care Solutions and their prison profiteering past.

Part I of this report discusses the rising number of individuals with mental health needs in jails and prisons and how that has contributed to Correct Care Solutions’ move into the business of mental health care in Texas.

Part II discusses the same company’s role in civil commitment facilities for individuals convicted of a sexual offense who are required to undergo continued surveillance and treatment after serving their sentence.

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