Home Confinement Impact Stories
Justice Roundtable
Jul 4, 2021

In light of all of the media around the egregious pending return to federal prison from home confinement of 76-year old Ms. Gwen Levi  (April 21June 14, and June 15), it is critical to understand that her situation is not unique, and that thousands of responsible people are living in fear of the lives they have begun to rebuild being uprooted. The video in this link shares information from impacted people that may help to better understand the scope of the problem. Bottom line, the Trump era OLC memo requiring those released pursuant to home confinement to be returned to prison at the conclusion of the pandemic MUST BE RESCINDED. Uncompassionate decisions herding released people back to prison must be ended. People released who have already proven themselves, gained employment, strengthened family ties, started schooling, etc. should be granted compassionate release or, in the alternative, commutation of sentence to time served.  We can, we must, do better. Feel free to share.
Click the link to watch the video:    https://youtu.be/5yVwDYh2_X0

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