Bread for the World Submits Letter in Support of the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, S. 1917
Bread of the World
Feb 9, 2018

“The impact of mass incarceration extends to family members and children. More than two-thirds of people who are incarcerated were legally employed before going to prison, and more than half were the primary source of financial support for their children. According to a study by the Ella Baker Center on Human Rights, 70 percent of households had difficulty meeting basic needs, such as food and housing, when a family member is incarcerated. The Center also found that 3 out of 4 returning citizens report that it is ‘extremely difficult’ or ‘impossible’ to find a job post-incarceration. Employment is a critical step to ending hunger and the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act would help prepare people to successfully re-enter the workforce.”

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