60+ Top Law Enforcement to Congress: White House Criminal Justice Efforts Not Sufficient to Reduce Crime
Sentencing Project
Apr 23, 2018

“Today, over 60 police chiefs and prosecutors —all members of Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration—sent a letter to the Senate and House leadership calling on Congress to pass sentencing reform, as a part of the White House’s commitment to reduce recidivism.

The letter comes in advance of an expected House Judiciary Committee vote this week on a prison reform bill, which is opposed by both progressive groups and law enforcement alike because it does not address sentencing. Just last week, Law Enforcement Leaders encouraged members of Congress to instead take action on Senate legislation that includes both sentencing and prison reform, in a series of meetings that included Jared Kushner, Law Enforcement Leaders member Timothy Heaphy, and other bi-partisan advocates.”

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