It’s time to move drug decriminalization forward
Drug Policy Alliance
Aug 19, 2020

Did you have a chance to see Queen’s exciting update on drug decriminalization from over the weekend?

All drug decriminalization is gaining unprecedented momentum. Oregonians will get the chance to approve a groundbreaking ballot initiative to decriminalize drugs and expand access to treatment and health services this November.

And now, DPA has released a first of its kind framework for federal all drug decriminalization, the Drug Policy Reform Act.

The Drug Policy Reform Act would end criminal penalties for personal drug possessiondismantle the Drug Enforcement Administration, and move federal resources away from futile law enforcement strategies.

If you haven’t yet, please sign our petition to help us move drug decriminalization forward.

And if you can, please make a donation to help end the criminalization of drugs and the people who use them. We need your support to keep this unprecedented momentum growing.

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