Public Comment Requested by USSC on Crimmigration Amendment
One of the largest drivers of the federal prison population and for-profit incarceration in the federal prison system are migrant prosecutions. Particularly, unauthorized reentry charges sentence migrants to years in Criminal Alien Requirement prisons, which are all sub-standard, segregated facilities operated by private contractors.
The U.S. Sentencing Commission is accepting public comment on an amendment that includes changes to the sentencing guidelines for reentry charges. Some aspects of this amendment would dramatically increase sentences for people with less serious criminal histories. As a result, comment from various organizations is necessary. The goal is to generate as many separate comments as possible.
Use this template by adding your organization’s name. Comments are due by March 21 and should be emailed to If for any reason, email doesn’t work please call the Sentencing Commission at 202-502-4500. Please, also send an email to for tracking purposes.
Please share with partner organizations.
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