USHRN International Mechanisms Coordinating Committee (IMCC) Expansion – Call for Grassroots and Directly Impacted Applicants
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USHRN International Mechanisms Coordinating Committee (IMCC) Expansion and Structure


USHRN is reconstituting and expanding our International Mechanisms Coordinating Committee (IMCC) to include more grassroots and directly impacted representatives. The role of the new reconstituted IMCC would be to encourage broad public discourse and education about human rights and what the recommendations are, help coordinate and facilitate conversation between different issue area working groups, and update members on new opportunities for engaging with human rights mechanisms. Our goal is to maintain and grow the momentum that we gained in engaging current grassroots movements in using human rights mechanisms.


Currently the IMCC includes eight members, who were the co-chairs of the now dormant international mechanism taskforces. To see the list of current IMCC members, go here. We are recruiting 8 additional new IMCC members.


Our Commitment to Broad and Diverse Participation 


Although the IMCC cannot be representative of all human rights issues, we are committed to ensuring that the IMCC represents a diversity of issue areas, constituencies, and geographic locations. We are particularly committed to engaging small organizations and groups new to international human rights advocacy in the process.


The USHRN is also committed to supporting a broad participatory process. We aim to organize multiple opportunities for engagement in addition to participation in the IMCC. This will include: helping to coordinate or contribute to community outreach and education, human rights messaging, strategizing around state and local implementation of international human rights recommendations, and participating in consultations and other meetings with federal and local officials regarding implementation and institutionalization of human rights in the United States. We will also make every effort to be inclusive of those unable to volunteer during the work day and accommodate schedules of individuals in different time zones. We will look to members and partners to help us find the most effective ways to achieve this broad and effective participation.


What We Are Looking For in IMCC Membership


We are looking for organizations and/or individuals, who are willing and able to make a commitment to participation for at least 2 years, and are committed to the USHRN mission and principals, and meet all of the following criteria:

  • Are directly impacted by human rights violations and/or work with or on behalf of directly impacted communities;
  • Have experience in using the human rights framework and engaging with human rights mechanisms, or who have an interest in developing such an expertise; and
  • Member of USHRN or willingness to become a member of USHRN upon selection.

Instructions for IMCC Applicants:


Anyone interested in applying to be a volunteer leader with USHRN on the IMCC will need to provide a resume and statement of interest, including:

  • Your name, organizational affiliation (if any), email and phone number
  • A description of how you meet the criteria outlined above (under “what we are looking for in IMCC members”), including if you are able to commit to participate for the 2 year time period;
  • How you or your organization will contribute to the USHRN’s advocacy and activism efforts
  • Your time availability and if you are willing to volunteer on weekends and evenings (we will make every effort to be inclusive of those unable to volunteer during the work day and accommodate schedules of individuals in different time zones);
  • How you and/or your organization will educate your community/constituency about the human rights framework and international mechanisms recommendations, implementation, and follow up; and
  • How you or your organization will use the recommendations from the treaty body review process to advocate implementation on a state and local level,


USHRN views all its work through an intersectional lens; meaning we look at ways different forms of discrimination and disadvantage intersect and overlap including how people of color and Indigenous Peoples experience additional forms of discrimination based on gender, gender-identity, immigration status, disability, sexuality, religion, and age—to better understand the full impact of human rights violations on individuals and populations. All IMCC members will be expected to take an intersectional analysis.


Requirements: Participate in monthly IMCC calls. Attend bi-annual call with the working group co-chairs. IMCC members are strongly encouraged to take part in USHRN member meeting calls and join a USHRN issue area working group.


Benefits: IMCC members will also have the opportunity to participate in invite-only meeting with UN and U.S. government officials.


The Decision Making Process/Timeline: A selection committee will review all applications. The selection committee will include USHRN Coordinating Center staff, 2 current members of the IMCC, and 2-3 USHRN members. Decisions will be made by late May and the first expanded IMCC meeting should take place in mid June.


If you are interested in volunteering for this USHRN leadership position as a new member of the IMCC, please send a resume and application form to by close of business May 17th,  explaining your interest in participating in the IMCC. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. 

Only applicants who are directly impacted by human rights violations and/or work with or on behalf of directly impacted grassroots communities will be considered.


Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, senior citizens, youth, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Note: Members of the IMCC may apply to be working group co-chairs, if your schedule permits the time commitment. Also, there is a possibility to apply to be both a working group co-chair and a member of the expanding IMCC.

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