Research & Policy Director
National Resource Hub for Police Reform

The Research and Policy Director serves as the Hub’s leading expert on policy, research, and data on police practices. This person will be responsible for gathering and forming a clearinghouse of state, local and national model policies and best policing practices (such as on use of force, racial profiling, data collection, hiring, training, supervision, discipline, etc.) The Research and Policy Director is also tasked with finding and collecting existing data and statistics relevant to policing. He or she is also tasked with doing research and generating new information and data based on the needs and gaps in the field. The Research and Policy Director will need to be in communication with and understand the needs of local police reform campaigns and help conduct/collect research and develop policy tools needed to strategically strengthen these efforts. This individual must have a deep understanding not only of policing issues, but also of the advocacy field and advocacy tools and tactics. The Research and Policy Director will in collaboration with other staff and local advocates, support building strategic police accountability and reform campaigns.

Essential Responsibilities and Tasks 

  • Conduct research on existing policing policies and best practices – including internal police department policies and external laws governing police accountability and discipline
  • Gather and/or help write model policies on policing issues
  • Gather existing data or conduct original research on policing issues such as police brutality, racial profiling, diversity issues, use of force/de-escalation training and policy, etc.
  • Create, maintain, and keep up to date an easily accessible clearinghouse of research and data on policing issues
  • Communicate with and work closely with advocates and experts to identify research gaps in the field of police reform
  • Conduct research on existing policies at the local and state level and help determine strategy for improving/reforming policies
  • Design and lead research projects to help fill gaps in the field of policing research
  • Work with other Hub staff and local advocates to ensure data and research is driven by the needs of local advocates and leaders
  • Identify and help bring on consultants to support research as needed
  • Write and contribute to grant proposals and reports
  • Participate in meetings and convenings


  • Master’s Degree in social science, sociology, criminal justice or related field; or 7 years of equivalent research and advocacy experience in a similar field
  • 6+ years of work experience in the police reform/justice advocacy field
  • A deep knowledge of policing practices – including police training, hiring, supervision, and discipline procedures
  • Previous work and research experience with quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Knowledge and work experience on laws, policies and systems governing police hiring, training, conduct and behavior
  • Experience working closely with grassroots advocacy campaigns
  • Experience managing research projects, staff and consultants
  • Ability to write concise policy brief/updates as well as reports on research data and statistics
  • Great written and oral communications skills
  • Great professional acumen, high energy, team player and ability to multi-task and work in fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment




Master’s degree


Please send resume, cover letter, and 3-page writing sample to:

Deadline: June 30, 2018

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