Program Officer with the Justice Fund
Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations in New York is looking for a new Program Officer with the Justice Fund.

The Justice team supports the foundation’s long-time leadership role in advance criminal justice reform in the United States.  We have helped nurture the growth of a field of dynamic and powerful and impactful advocates and organizations, and have been at the forefront of many of the significant reforms of the last decade.  The Program Officer will be join a team of ten who together support work in a number of key areas, including  efforts to reduce jail and prison populations; eliminate the so-called “collateral consequences” of criminal convictions; abolish the death penalty; end harsh treatment of youth in the justice system; promote police accountability; and foster new approaches to drug policy, with an emphasis on work that supports non-punitive, health-centered approaches to serving populations currently targeted by punitive drug law enforcement.  We are looking for a seasoned criminal justice professional who is committed to pursuing bold strategies to fundamentally change current unfair, ineffective, unduly punitive and racially biased justice practices.

The attached description conveys the qualities and expertise that we seek and the position will, preferably, be based in New York City.  The deadline for applying online is February 22, 2016.

The position description is attached and found  here.

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