PINS Diversion Program Manager
D.C. Government

Pay Plan, Series & Grade: MS-101-14
Type of Appointment:  MSS-At-Will
Area of Consideration:  Open to the Public

Grade:     14
Salary Range:     $96,756.00 – $135,458.00

Agency:     Department of Human Services
Job Summary
This position is located within the Family Services Administration of the Department of Human Services. The mission of the Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) diversion program is to create a single point of entry system for status offenders that will provide a continuum of services to connect District of Columbia youth and their families to appropriate social services within the community to help them avoid the juvenile justice system.

This position provides the opportunity to lead the creation, development and implementation of a new PINS diversion program for the District of Columbia. The incumbent is responsible for designing a system that will prevent court processing and pre-trial detention of PINS youth by providing effective and data-informed assessment and support services to these young people and their families. The incumbent is responsible for the management, direction, and coordination of the PINS diversion program. The incumbent is also directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of the PINS diversion program and the supervision of the PINS diversion program staff.
Additionally, the incumbent is responsible for the development of program policies, procedures and the annual budget.

The incumbent works under the general supervision of the Family Services Administrator, who provides overall policy guidance, program objectives, and changes in program emphasis. The incumbent plans, directs and coordinates the overall administrative, management and policy for the PINS diversion program. The incumbent reviews the work of program staff in terms of effectiveness and efficiency in achieving program objectives, creativity, and resourcefulness exercised in planning and developing new resources, projects and services designed to improve and/or meet the changing needs of the population the program serves.

The incumbent is recognized as an authoritative professional and work is considered technically authoritative. The incumbent’s work is evaluated for potential influences on broad agency policies and for impact on management goals and objectives of the PINS diversion program.

The Administrator must possess a mastery of professional knowledge of the theories, principles, concepts, techniques and practices related to juvenile justice and social service programs in order to provide effective leadership for the PINS diversion program.

The Administrator must possess a mastery knowledge of and skill in the application of concepts, procedures, methods, standards, and practices in program implementation, evaluation and efficiency of operations.

The Administrator must have comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of qualitative and/or quantitative methods for the assessment and improvement of program effectiveness.

The Administrator must have the ability to maintain confidentiality of all clients in connection with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The Administrator must have the ability to establish strong working relationships with executive and senior managers in the Department of Human Services, District Government and appropriate federal agencies, vendors, contractors service providers and customers to recommend and implement  solutions to resolve problems  and potential  risk.

The Administrator must have the ability to supervise, mentor, motivate, appraise, and work with subordinate employees, contractors and other people and organizations.

The Administrator must be highly skilled in both oral and written communication.

The Administrator must be flexible, open-minded and have the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations and have genuine interest in helping youth and families who are in distress.

Licensures, Certifications and other requirements
Position may be subject to a drug, alcohol, credit and criminal background check.

Master’s Degree Desired

Work Experience
At this level candidates must possess specialized experience. There is no substitution of education permissible.

The incumbent must have at least one (1) years of specialized experience equivalent to the grade 13- level in the District of Columbia Government services. Examples of such experience is overseeing and operating a social services, social welfare or like facility to include management and allocation of staffing; carrying out operational monitoring, procedures, and workflow; and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local social services laws and regulations.

Work Environment
Work may be performed in an office setting with travel to and from offices, shelters, and other government and non-government buildings.

Our Office of Human Resources Office will review your resume and supporting documentation to ensure minimum qualifications required for this position are met.
Applicants who fail to demonstrate through their resume they meet specialized experience will not be qualified for this position. In essence, you must first demonstrate you are proficient at the 13 level (see above), before you can be considered for the higher grade level (14)


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