Organizing Associate, Higher Ed, Not Debt
Generation Progress

Generation Progress has an immediate opening for an Organizing Associate. This position requires efficiently managing a large workflow of diverse projects. Applicants should enjoy detail-oriented work and troubleshooting and should also be able to adeptly build and manage organizing relationships across a broad coalition. Generation Progress is the youth advocacy and engagement arm of American Progress. Through field advocacy, journalism, and policy analysis, Generation Progress works with and for Millennials for progressive change. This position will work primarily on the organizing activities related to Generation Progress’ Higher Ed, Not Debt campaign—a nationwide campaign that is working to ensure that quality higher education is affordable and accessible to all without the burden of financial hardship. Now more than ever, a college degree is the ticket required for entry into the American middle class. Unfortunately, the skyrocketing cost of this ticket—and the resulting damage to access, equity, and post‐college wealth accumulation—is risking the nation’s future as a middle‐class nation.

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