Legislative Associate for Domestic Policy
Friends Committee on National Legislation

FCNL (Quaker lobby) is looking for a Legislative Associate (Lobbyist) to focus on issues of economic and social justice in the U.S  In FCNL’s mission statement, they “seek a society with equity and justice for all” and “a community where every person’s potential may be fulfilled.” These two statements have lead FCNL into work on mass incarceration, racial justice, income inequality, poverty, employment, housing, health care and many critical elements that sustain individual, family, and community life.  They are looking for a skillful lobbyist, strategist, creative thinker, solid analyst and persuasive writer who will build on and lead their work in this area, under the supervision of the Legislative Director.

Qualifications that would make a strong candidate:

  • Expertise and experience. You have five years’ work experience including at least three years in a public policy position in Congress or elsewhere, and you understand a range of domestic issues. You have at least an undergraduate degree, preferably in a relevant field. You have some experience with lobbying and with analyzing and tracking legislation – you know it’s the kind of work you want to do.
  • Commitment to effective and accurate communication. You write so well that people really want to read what you write. Your materials are accurate, reliable, timely, clear and compelling. You have experience in public presentations, and in writing and speaking for policy audiences.
  • Imagination.You look at statistics or analyses of legislation and see the stories they tell. You think of compelling ways to tell those stories to people who don’t see the numbers or read the detailed commentary. News stories, quotes in congressional hearings, new think-tank reports, and questions from our constituents spark new ideas that inspire you to carry your strategy further. Even if you can’t draw, you think about graphics. You think about messages for tweets and other social media.
  • Strong self-starter, self-finisher, collaborator.You bring your ideas, perspectives and plans to the table; you listen for new and better ideas; you adjust your plans and carry them out with your colleagues. You seek advice, information and supervision as needed.
  • You work well with others.In fact, you treasure the range of ideas and contributions that come from a diverse network of colleagues and collaborators. You value the relationships you build across interests, political leanings, race, culture, age, and backgrounds.
  • Personal presence.You have a good “presence” on the phone, in person, in meetings and when speaking to large groups. You are respectful of people with whom you agree and disagree. Sense of humor always helps.
  • Familiar with Friends.You’ve had experience with Quaker practices, policies and concerns, and your own values and beliefs are in accord with FCNL’s Statement of Legislative Policy (“The World We Seek“).


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