ISO Stories from Those Having Trouble Finding Employment Due to Justice Involvement
North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

Next year NCHRC will be advocating at the legislature for North Carolina to adopt Fair Chance Hiring policies for public employees. These policies would move the question on criminal history until later in the hiring process, giving people who are justice involved a better chance for face-to-face contact with a potential employer and the opportunity to work and care for their families.

In order to effectively advocate for this policy change, NCHRC needs stories of people who have had trouble finding work because of former justice involvement.

NCHRC also seeks stories of people who were tried as adults for felonies committed when they were juveniles who have had trouble finding work, joining in the military, going to school, etc. North Carolina needs to Raise the Age for juveniles in the justice system.

If you, someone you know, or a population you work with, has had difficulty finding work, joining the military, going to school, finding housing or education, etc because of justice involvement or committing an offense as a juvenile, please contact Tessie Castillo at or 919-809-7718.

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