Executive Director
College and Community Fellowship (CCF) 

College and Community Fellowship (CCF) 

Executive Director 

Job Description 


Founded in 2000, CCF aims to remove barriers to reentry into the community for women who  have a history with the criminal legal system. CCF’s programs address individual, institutional,  and systemic change through the following three key program areas: College & Career  Programs, Policy & Advocacy and THRIVE Technical Assistance. The agency has a budget of over  $3 million and a staff of 18, and focuses its work at the intersection of racial equity, criminal  legal reform, higher education access, economic justice, and community building.   

Centering equity as a foundational principle of justice in the context of race, gender, and  conviction status, CCF believes that all people should have access to the resources they need to  thrive. CCF passionately believes in elevating the leadership of the communities we serve.  Learn more about CCF’s work at collegeandcommunity.org.  

About the Opportunity 

CCF seeks an inspiring and strategic leader who is passionate about the organization and  mission. The Executive Director provides overall direction and guidance to a high-performing, empowered team of professionals who collectively drive advocacy, fundraising,  communications, and programmatic excellence within a sound financial management  framework. The Executive Director works with the Board of Directors to define and deliver  vision and strategic goals, reinforcing a strong partnership with open and ongoing dialogue. 

Key Responsibilities Include: 

Strategic Vision and Leadership 

  • Develop and implement an organizational vision and long-term strategy for CCF with the  organization’s team and Board of Directors 
  • Drive a culture of diversity, inclusion and equity ensuring that CCF embodies the values  of racial and social justice in support of the population served 
  • Position CCF as a visible leader in social justice and advocacy 
  • Facilitate sustained growth through a scalable and efficient service delivery model ● Serve as chief ambassador, effectively communicating CCF’s core mission and other  objectives with a broad and diverse spectrum of stakeholders

Executive Management  

  • Provide oversight for the operational and financial management of a growing  organization 
  • Establish and maintain a climate of trust and learning, encouraging active inquiry in  pursuit of organizational effectiveness and growth 
  • Develop the team and bring passion, inspiration, direction, and business discipline to  the organization 

Advocacy and Fundraising  

  • Advocate for justice transformation, with a focus on increased access to higher  education for currently and formerly incarcerated people, and the funding to support it ● Effectively communicate the policy positions, mission, and work of the organization  through all media 
  • Direct and work in partnership with the development team to establish and successfully  execute a comprehensive and strategic fundraising plan to achieve CCF’s annual  revenue targets, including identification, cultivation, and solicitation of new donors as  well as ongoing engagement with current supporters such as government agencies,  foundations, and corporations.  


The ideal candidate will be a proven leader in a non-profit setting with the ability to inspire,  innovate and adapt, driven by a passion for the mission of CCF. They will have experience in  the areas of systemic change through legislative advocacy, organizing, and civic engagement  and have the capacity to manage organization’s financial health and sustainability.  

Specific attributes and experience: 

  • Deep knowledge of criminal legal systems and broader social justice issues, including  structural and systemic racism, gender bias, sexism, and ableism 
  • Interest in and ability to learn policy and program trends and media narrative related to  the women whom CCF serves 
  • Proven track record of successful fundraising, including managing government grants,  restricted project funds, and overall accountability to donors 
  • Excellent leadership skills, developing strong relationships with the Board of Directors  and team members 
  • Recognized by peers as an expert on policy and program trends and media narrative  related to the women whom CCF serves 
  • Demonstrated strength in financial management and resource allocation in a growing  organization 
  • Experience as a public speaker  
  • Demonstrated high level writing skills 
  • Familiarity with 501c (3) lobbying restrictions 
  • Familiarity with employment policies  
  • Familiarity with standard business practices such as quality assurance and security  protocols
  • Willingness and ability to travel extensively to attend conferences and meetings that  foster relationships with movement partners and major donors  


Candidates will have a bachelor’s degree in a related field with graduate education a plus.  Candidates with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences are encouraged to apply. 


Salary and benefits are competitive with comparable organizations and commensurate with  experience. 

The criminal legal system disproportionally harms people of color, people from low-income  communities, the formerly incarcerated, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ individuals. We  strongly encourage those who identify within these and other communities to apply. All  applicants must have and be committed to the cultural competence required to work with  clients and co-workers who come from different backgrounds and experiences.  

All positions at College and Community Fellowship are filled without regard to race, color,  religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability,  HIV/AIDS status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.  

To Apply

College and Community Fellowship has retained the services of Harris Rand Lusk to conduct this  search. Inquiries, nominations, and applications may be directed in confidence to: 

Miriam Martinez, Senior Director 

Harris Rand Lusk 

122 East 42nd Street, Suite 4605 

New York, NY 10168 


Please put “CCF ED” in the subject line of your e-mailed application. 


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