Design Team Facilitator/Coordinator
Racial Justice Action Center

Title:                            Design Team Facilitator/Coordinator
Program:                     Atlanta/Fulton County Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative
Classification:             1 Year Full Time–Evening & weekend hours as needed to implement project
Supervisor:                  Director, Racial Justice Action Center
·      Demonstrated excellence in facilitation, coordination, and strategic planning for major projects involving multiple stakeholders;
·      Demonstrated excellence in written and oral communication skills;
·      Knowledge of Atlanta/Fulton County landscape including neighborhoods and communities, faith-based, social service, and social justice organizations, government entities and businesses;
·      At least 5 years of demonstrated relevant experience working in the mental health, drug/alcohol recovery, or alternatives to incarceration field;
·      Commitment to the Harm Reduction philosophy and to engaging marginalized people (including the homeless, people who use drugs, sex workers, and trans and gender non-conforming people) in this planning and design process;
·      Experience working with at least some of the representatives from the various stakeholder entities including district attorneys, Atlanta Police Department, formerly incarcerated people, business leaders, neighborhood leaders, and elected officials.
·      Current valid Georgia driver’s license, insurance and vehicle.
·      An advanced degree in human service, urban planning, or criminal justice related field is preferred, but not required.

About the Initiative:
The goal of a pre-arrest diversion initiative is to redirect people out of the criminal justice system who would be better served by social services and other community based resources. It seeks to reduce the number of people in the criminal justice system, including our courts and jails, whose offenses are primarily due to mental illness, drug and alcohol use and addiction, and/or poverty. Pre-arrest diversion has proven to be effective, improving individual and community quality of life in jurisdictions such as Seattle and Santa Fe. To be successful, the Design Team must develop a model similar to those initiatives, but customized to meet the particular challenges, needs, and culture of Atlanta/Fulton County.
In December of 2015, the Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative Design Team was created and authorized jointly by the City Council of Atlanta and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners “to engage in a thorough examination process toward the goal of implementing a pilot program of a Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative.” The Design Team Planning Process is funded by a private foundation grant.
The Design Team shall engage a variety of system stakeholders including law enforcement, prosecutors and defenders, community members (especially those potentially served by the program), and government officials in a directed visioning and planning process to decide initiative details including but not limited to:
• Guiding vision and principles for the initiative;
• Location of the pilot program and targeted population;
• Program eligibility, including charges and backgrounds;
• Case management requirements and social service component;
• Collaboration protocols and communication between entities;
·  Community education and outreach;
• Fundraising and sustainability; and
• Thorough and objective evaluation of the program.
Expected Outcomes:
At the conclusion of the 1 year planning period, expected outcomes include:
·  A unified group of Stakeholders prepared to direct, guide and trouble-shoot in the implementation phase of the identified model;
·  A clear set of guiding principles and protocols, which will serve to implement the model;
·  Funds available for implementation;
·  An identified case management agency and robust, culturally competent network of service providers;
·  A robust training curriculum for all stakeholders engaged in the initiative and for the larger community.

Salary Range:
 $50,000-$60,000 commensurate with experience.
The Racial Justice Action Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. People of color, the TLGBQ community, and/or individuals who have personal experience with drug use, sex work, HIV, and/or incarceration are strongly encouraged to apply. Active/retired law enforcement committed to diversion also encouraged to apply. The Racial Justice Action Center does not discriminate based on one’s record of incarceration.

To apply: 
Send a resume and cover letter to by February 5th, 2016.


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