Youth Now Have Fighting Chance at Rehabilitation
Youth Today
January 27, 2016

Justice Roundtable member Zerline Hughes writes from a parent’s perspective. about President Obama’s move to ban juvenile solitary confinement and what it means for juvenile justice moving forward.

“Ever send your kid to his room to “think about what he’s done” in order to give him time to be alone to reflect, feel remorseful and come out to hug you and tell you he’s sorry and it won’t happen again? Can you recall the aftermath when he willingly accepted your hug of approval — or better yet when he came to you for much-needed comfort following a punishment? Maybe it doesn’t turn out that storybook perfect, but it works and has for centuries.

“So why, then, has our system been sending our children to a dark corner and leaving them there to stew instead of talking out their issues? Why have we been leaving kids to deteriorate, suffer and not receive solace or comfort? Apparently, because it’s the American way.”

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