Why are police groups and their advocates advancing a theory that makes police officers look terrible? – The Washington Post
The Washington Post
January 23, 2017

“But like Henson, I have to think that conscientious cops would be offended by the notion. I too work in a profession that is highly scrutinized. In fact, journalists are quite a bit more despised than police officers. Public confidence in the police is at about 56 percent; for newspapers, it’s at 20 percent. The media has taken a particular beating over the last year or so with respect to coverage of the election, some of it deserved. Yet if someone suggested that I start phoning in my job because people frown on my profession, I’d be insulted. I’d imagine that doctors, soldiers, lawyers and members of just about every other profession would feel the same way. Yet it’s defenders of cops who advance this argument. And with policing, it’s quite a bit worse: The argument here is that out of fear of criticism (or even in retribution for it), they’re allowing people to die.”

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