What it’s Like to be Gay in Prison
February 26, 2016

“Back when I was locked in a double-bunk cell in level-four security at Chippewa Correctional Facility, a young gang member moved in with me. When he entered the room, he informed me that the officers had said to him, ‘Your bunkie’s a freak! He’s down for whatever!’ They had laughed at him in front of the other inmates.

“So he told me, ‘I’m not locking with no fag. You have to tell them to move ya or I’m going to beat your ass.’

“When the doors opened, I told an officer what my cellmate had said, leaving out the fact that he threatened to beat me up. Doing so would have been considered ‘snitching.’ (Being tagged as an informant means you might get your face slashed open with a razor so that you’re marked for life and people will know you can’t be trusted.)”

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