Washington Post compares ‘The Sentence’ to Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’
The Washington Post
January 21, 2018

“The Sentence,” the movie about the sentence served by 3 girls, ages 4, 2, and 6 weeks (and their dad and the rest of family) when their mother, Cindy Shank, is sent to federal prison for 15 years, mandatory minimum, for the crimes committed by her abusive, long ago boy friend. He had been murdered 5 1/2 years before she was arrested and charged! In the meantime, she got her life together, found a wonderful husband and started a beautiful family. She knew about the boyfriend’s crimes, and lived in a dwelling paid for by drug proceeds, but the exaggeration of her role made in the testimony of the boyfriend’s former associates (to get their sentences reduced) convicted her and were the basis for her mandatory minimum sentence.

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