Warren calls for repealing 1994 crime bill, decriminalizing school truancy
August 20, 2019


“Elizabeth Warren subtly distinguished herself from rivals Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Tuesday as she laid out her plan for criminal justice reform. Warren called for the repeal of the 1994 crime bill — which Biden helped write as a senator — and for the federal government to push states and localities to decriminalize school truancy, in contrast to the stiffer penalties Harris championed during her career in California”.

“That punitive ‘tough on crime’ approach was wrong, it was a mistake, and it needs to be repealed,” Warren wrote of the ‘94 crime bill. She added that some sections ought to be kept such as provisions on domestic violence but “the bulk of the law must go.” Warren also supports parts of the original bill that have since expired and wouldn’t be part of the repeal, such as the Violence Against Women Act and the ban on assault weapons.”

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