Voting Day in D.C. Jail
Election Online Weekly
June 9, 2016

“Despite the chaos around them — loud voices, clanging metal doors, carts being rolled here and there across cement floors, a line of seven voters stood patiently waiting their turn to cast their ballot in Washington, D.C.’s primary.

“’John’ was first in line to vote and after receiving his ballot he studied it carefully and began to fill it out. Before he had even completed the process, he wanted to know about getting his “I Voted” sticker. Could he have two?

“After he completed his ballot and put it in the secrecy envelope, ‘John’ carefully peeled the sticker off the paper backing and proudly slapped it on his chest.

“The red, white and blue ‘I Voted’ ‘Yo vote’ sticker was in stark contrast to the orange prison jumpsuit ‘John’ and his fellow voters were wearing.'”

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