The Ungers: Righting a miscarriage of justice
CBS News
November 12, 2017

“The people who call themselves THE UNGERS are convicted criminals — some 250 in all — sentenced to life in prison many years ago for violent crimes. Thanks to an appeals court in Maryland, they now have the opportunity to be released, an opportunity many have already taken. Our Cover Story is reported by “Sunday Morning” Senior Contributor Ted Koppel:

“The group has been away a long time. They are, all of them, convicted criminals who went to prison in their youth; back when Nixon, Ford and Reagan were in the White House.

“In their day, Apple was just a fruit: “I don’t even know how to work all this one here,” said one man pondering an iPhone.

“At this recent celebration in Baltimore, there’s a mix here of public defenders, law school interns, social workers, murderers and rapists. The first of those convicts was released four years ago. ”

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