Teaching Moment: Police Brutality and Raising a Black Son
Youth Today
July 8, 2016

“My son could too easily be the 124th black male casualty of the year. Or next year, or in another 20 years. What a way to live — expecting an untimely death not because of a rare disease, not because of a dangerous lifestyle, but simply because of being a black male …

“So I did a bad thing. I told my son that 123 black men were killed by cops in 187 days. I went on to tell him that’s almost one black man dead each day on the calendar. I then sweetened the pot and said his chances of getting killed by a peace officer is more likely than him becoming a millionaire. I kept going and going because I wanted him to react, and I was getting nothing.

“What a bad, bad parent. I was forcing my trauma on to him, trying to make him feel my pain, feel defeated.”

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