Survey: What Are the Criminal Justice Reform Priorities in Your State?
June 21, 2016

The National Criminal Justice Association through its Center for Justice Planning (NCJP) and the National Governors Association (NGA) are collaborating on a national initiative to accelerate reform that enhances public safety and makes the most cost-effective use of public resources in five areas of criminal justice policy and practice.

The purpose of this short survey is to capture stakeholder priorities to inform the project’s goals and objectives. To accomplish this, we need input from both policymakers and practitioners in states and local jurisdictions.

We are asking you to please complete this survey and forward it to your colleagues in criminal justice including corrections officials, law enforcement officers, courts, sheriffs, legislators, prosecutors, academic experts, community-based service providers. Please ask them to complete the survey and also share it with their colleagues. We hope to get as many respondents as possible.

To begin the survey, please click here.

The deadline to respond is Thursday, June 30, 2016. Thank you in advance for your participation

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