Six ways Congress can curb a runaway president
The Agenda
January 21, 2017

“No bones about it, Donald Trump is a steamroller. He defeated 16 Republican candidates, despite being a political novice. Jeb Bush’s $150 million war chest couldn’t insulate him from Trump’s insults; nor could Hillary’s much vaunted ground game and experience.

“Now Trump is in the Oval Office, and has shown no sign of taking his foot off the pedal. Since his stunning November 16 victory, he has browbeat Fortune 500 companies by name, threatened China, and ignored calls from government ethicists to let go of his business empire. His operating style has created newfound worries in Washington that as the steamroller keeps going, the new president will make huge and possibly harmful changes on a wide range of issues, from international diplomacy to immigration to health care, without any public check on his actions.”

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