“Rethinking the Drug Dealer”
The Drug Policy Alliance
March 27, 2019

Hi everyone,
I wanted to let you know that DPA has just released a 9-part video series, “Rethinking the ‘Drug Dealer’”. All the videos are also available on DPA’s YouTube channel.
The series includes three explainer videos busting some common misconceptions about drug markets and the people who work in them, along with six profile videos highlighting stories of people who either sold drugs themselves, or were criminalized as if they did.
The main goal of the current content is to get people to question pre-conceived notions about people who go to prison for drug selling offenses, and is focused much more on personal stories than research and data. I’m currently working on a longer report-length document that will eventually fill out this work with a lot more evidence and background, but this more accessible, personal content is designed to soften the ground and start the conversation.
I’d be so grateful if you would push these out through your networks.
All the best,
Alyssa Stryker | Criminal Justice Reform Manager
Drug Policy Alliance
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