Rachael Leigh Cook Savages Drug Policy in Reboot of ’90s PSA
April 20, 2017

“Back when heroin-chic was a thing, Rachael Leigh Cook managed to become a face of America’s anti-drug movement thanks to her intense entry into the iconic “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” ad campaign. For the young millennials out there, those were the ads with the frying eggs that ended with someone rhetorically asking, “Any questions?” as you imagined your own brain melting in a blistering hot skillet. Leigh is now 37, and she’s still pretty pissed about the havoc being wreaked on America by drug crime, but in a new ad that riffs on the premise of the original from the 1990s, she’s focusing her rage on how the War on Drugs fuels mass incarceration and unfairly targets people of color. Leigh still has that cast-iron pan, and she’s still swinging hard. See the new ad above and the original below.”

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