Press Conference Held on Misconduct and Death Penalty in New Orleans
Ressurrection After Exoneration
August 2, 2016

Resurrection After Exoneration recently held a press conference on the importance of being able to turn to the Justice Department. The event led to an invitation to speak with Justice Department officials.
An excerpt from the event:

“The DOJ is the last goverment entity to whom I (JT) can turn for justice for the systemic constitutional violations I, and others, are legally recognized to have repeated suffered at the hands of Orleans Parish prosecutors.  Neither the local nor state governments have done anything meaningful to respond; the United States Supreme Court fully  acknowledged the problem, but reversed my civil judgement of $14 million because they said civil damages are not necessary; the education, training, internal and external supervision, and even criminal sanctions ensure the propriety of prosecutorial action.  DOJ is the last government entity to whom to turn to address these rampant injustices long suffered, and which are still systematically in place.”

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