New Orleans to pay $13.3M to settle NOPD civil rights violations in post-Katrina chaos
December 19, 2016

“The city of New Orleans will pay $13.3 million to settle civil rights violations committed by the New Orleans Police Department during three lethal confrontations between officers and  civilians in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The settlement includes payments for the families of victims killed or injured in the shooting of unarmed civilians on the Danziger Bridge; for the beating death of Raymond Robair, 48, who was killed before the storm; and for the fatal shooting of Henry Glover, who was killed by a police officer standing guard outside an Algiers shopping center.

“The dollar amount was announced during an emotional news conference held Monday (Dec. 19) by Mayor Mitch Landrieu, whose administration played a key role in negotiating the settlement on behalf of the NOPD. Landrieu said that the settlement marks a ‘painful’ moment in the history of the department, but that it also provides closure to both the victims and the city.”

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