Nearly a half-century after Attica, little progress
Daily News
September 9, 2020

Justice Roundtable’s founder, Nkechi Taifa, reports from Daily News the following about Attica Prison Rebellion: “Forty-nine years after the Attica Prison Rebellion, which began on Sept. 9, 1971, we’re living through a new shame: This nation must do more to address the COVID-19 crisis in carceral settings and support persons re-entering society due to compassionate release initiatives.

More than 40 people were killed during the uprising, including 10 correctional staff members and 33 inmates, by state troopers who stormed the facility. The rebellion was a direct challenge to inhumane conditions. Incarcerated persons were demanding officials see them in their full humanity. They were reminding the nation that the U.S. Constitution applies to everyone, even persons behind bars.”


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