Mayor: No More Mugshots Released of Juveniles, People Shot by Police
Jackson Free Press
February 27, 2018

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba signed an executive order to stop the Jackson Police Department from disseminating mugshots of juveniles and those involved in officer-involved shootings

“Mugshots and sensationalized news narratives create lasting impressions that adversely impact communities and widen the historic divide between police and community,” Lumumba said at the press conference at City Hall.

“The last image of any person should not be on the worst day of their life or the worst image that we could possibly provide of them,” Lumumba said Monday. “In a day and age, when we have accessibility to images of individuals through social media and everything else, we can go the extra mile to find an image that gives respect to those individuals that are no longer living on this earth.”

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