Law Enforcement Leaders in National Spotlight
Law Enforcement Leaders
December 21, 2015


Law Enforcement Leaders are speaking out in the media to shape the conversation about the country’s incarceration crisis. Co-Chair Ronal Serpas appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered to discuss FBI Director James Comey’s remarks on rising crime and on MSNBC to speak about policing and criminal justice reform, noting that “We know that we can reduce arrest and we can reduce incarceration at the same time. And we have plenty of evidence and stories to show it.”

Politico repeated Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck’s call for adequate re-entry programs: “It does no good in my estimation to arrest for these offenses over and over and over again with no place for them to go but back onto the street to continue that cycle,” while New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman talked to The Atlantic about repairing police-community relationships. Read additional coverage at CBSCNN, the Los Angeles Times, The New York TimesSlate, Time, and others.

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