John Legend writes open letter to President Obama
CBS News
December 10, 2016

“It’s no secret that John Legend finds it important to use his popularity and fame to address political issues.

“And before President Obama leaves office, Legend is making sure to get some requests in. In an open letter to Mr. Obama that was published in Rolling Stone, Legend took on an issue that has always been important to him: Clemency for non-violent drug offenders.

“After a brief introduction that included a nod to their personal friendship, Legend thanks the president for his policies toward criminal justice reform — including the more than 1,000 people whose sentences have been commuted by Mr. Obama and banning solitary confinement for juveniles in federal facilities. But Legend wants more.

“’Before you leave office, I would like to add my voice to the more than 2 million Americans who have asked you to use your clemency and pardon powers to bring justice to the thousands of families of non-violent drug offenders who have waited far too long for Congress to act,’ wrote Legend.”

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