Is Linda Fairstein the Real Villain in ‘When They See Us’? – Rolling Stone
June 11, 2019

The fallout from Ava DuVernay’s Central Park Five miniseries should focus not on just its flesh-and-blood villains, but look at the failures of the system at large

The fourth and final chapter of Ava DuVernay’s acclaimed Netflix miniseries When They See Us is entirely about the prison ordeal of Korey Wise, the oldest member of the Central Park Five. He had a vastly different experience than the other four boys after their conviction for the brutal 1989 rape and assault of Trisha Meili, solely because he was the only one old enough to go to prison with adults. Wise served 12 years in prison — five years longer than any of the others — before their eventual exoneration in 2002. But as painful as it may be to watch the actor Jharrel Jerome portray what Wise endured, think of what happened to Kalief Browder as you do it.

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