‘Free Meek’ tracks the rapper’s lengthy battle with the criminal justice system. Here’s what we learned.
The Washington Post
August 11, 2019

Earlier this summer, a Pennsylvania appeals court tossed out Meek Mill’s conviction in a 2007 drug and gun case, citing evidence that undermined the credibility of the Philadelphia police officer who was the sole witness to testify against the rapper. The case is the root cause for why Mill, 32, has spent the bulk of his adult life on probation. The decision on whether to retry him is scheduled for later this month.

On Friday, Amazon released a five-part docuseries about the legal battle called “Free Meek,” which gets its name from a movement that picked up steam on social media nearly two years ago, when Mill was incarcerated over a parole violation.  The series, produced by prominent #FreeMeekMill supporter Jay-Z, tracks Mill’s transformation from a battle rapper in North Philadelphia to a chart-topping artist who is now a celebrity face of prison reform.

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